Chronic Condition News

7 Tips for Living with Sleep Apneachevron_right
Sawing logs. Catching z’s. Grabbing some shut-eye. Whatever you call it, sleep is a big part of your life—and it plays a big role in your health. But if you have sleep apnea, sleep can be unrestful, frustrating, and even dangerous. Thankfully, you can take some steps to manage your condition and improve your quality of life.

6 Ways to Avoid Diabetes Complicationschevron_right
Diabetes can come with a host of complications, from nerve damage to eye problems to increased risk for heart disease and stroke. Keep diabetes under control with these strategies:

How to Deal with Long COVIDchevron_right
The COVID-19 pandemic has affected nearly everyone in some way. More than 4 million people lost their lives throughout the world, with more than 600,000 in the U.S. Among the millions more who got sick and survived, many still have symptoms months later.

Trouble Taking Your HIV Medicine? Here’s Helpchevron_right
Brushing your teeth, charging your phone, drinking water. After an HIV diagnosis, there’s one more task to add to your daily to-do list: taking your medicine on time.

Take Steps to Protect Your Kidneyschevron_right
You’ve seen how a coffee filter keeps grounds out of your morning cup of joe. Your kidneys work much the same way, straining waste products from your blood.

4 Tips to Prevent Shoulder Painchevron_right
Fortunately, there are things you can do to reduce your risk for shoulder problems. Here’s how to give pain the cold shoulder.

Living Well with Chronic Illnesschevron_right
From arthritis and diabetes to eczema and asthma—living with a chronic condition can be a challenge. One secret to success: Take charge.

Could Your Dog’s Diabetes Mean You’re in Danger, Too?chevron_right
You share a special bond, a household, and miles of walking together. But a new study found there’s more you might have in common with your four-legged best friend. A new Swedish study found having a dog with diabetes increases the owner’s risk of developing type 2 diabetes, too.

Just Passing Pain? Or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?chevron_right
With carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), your hand and wrist tingle or go numb from pressure on the median nerve that runs through a narrow passage from your forearm into your hand. This passage tends to be smaller in women than it is in men. This may be one reason why women are three times more likely to develop CTS than men.

Early to Bed, Early to Rise a Wise Choice for People with Diabeteschevron_right
Forget the worm. A new study suggests that for people with type 2 diabetes, early birds get something even better: the health-boosting benefits of exercise.

Have a Chronic Condition? Following Your Care Plan Is Key to Staying Healthychevron_right
Living with a chronic health problem isn’t always easy. You do a lot to manage your condition. But with the COVID-19 pandemic, you may find it harder to stick with your care plan. Now more than ever, it’s important to continue taking care of your health and to not delay essential treatment. Your healthcare provider is here to help.

Seasonal Tips to Ease Allergy Symptomschevron_right
Pollen and mold allergies can bring a range of uncomfortable symptoms, including a runny nose and itchy throat. But these allergens aren’t the only ones to disrupt daily life—other common substances can also trigger allergy-like symptoms. Try these tips to feel better and enjoy yourself no matter the season.